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Anti-Romantic is the story of two best friends - Zainab, who’s insanely in love with the only man her father can never like, and Sara, who‘s scared to fall in love because she thinks love always lead to heartbreaks, so she doesn’t want to live with a broken heart.

Sara likes things so simple that although her heart wants to fall in love, her mind contradicts the very idea of it. It’s good she found a magical ring that can compel people to do whatever she wants, as now she has something extraordinary to distract herself with.

Zainab only has one heart, and she gave it out to Fawad, the boy she loved ever since she knew what love meant. But how can she explain this to her father, who, for some unknown history, hates Fawad’s mother more than she’s ever seen him hate. How can she reveal her heart’s secret to him without causing complete chaos?

Anti-Romantic is a quintessential romance that’ll break your heart and mend it all over again, a story for hopeless romantics and for the ones who want to fall in love.


Malfunctioned: Love

Zainab’s heart is in pieces. She feels like she’s losing her mind bit by bit; she just wants her Fawad back but it's impossible because they killed him. Despite the pain in her heart, she forces herself to smile every day even if it slowly kills her, because if she falls apart again she will not only ruin her life but the lives of her loved ones too.

Sara left Murad, breaking his heart without an explanation, and is now back in her hometown. Her heart burns in anguish at every passing moment as she misses Murad and wishes for just a second with him to explain herself and confess her love to him. With dramas finding her at every corner and her grandma wanting to get her married off to a stranger, she needs to find a way back to the man her heart belongs to. How will she ever escape?

Malfunctioned: Love is for the ones who fell in love and the ones who want to, a story for the people grieving and the ones who can’t stop missing the person they loved.

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