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Book Review for: A Prom to Remember by Sandy Hall

A Prom to Remember promised me a lot of fun and entertaining teenage drama - something that’ll lift my mood up, and I am so infuriated to say that it did not, at all. The book revolved around the seniors planning the activities of the most awaited prom night of their high school - something I always fantasized about attending to but never got around going as my school never held prom nights. So I’d always ask my friends from America how their prom nights usually went, and they’d always answer me with ‘it’s not like in the movies, Sam!’ So forgive me if I was ecstatic to read exclusive details on Prom nights from this book. Fast forward to the last page of this book – I learned nothing.

I did not get what I was promised from this book – a Prom to freakin’ remember. As I was reading this badly scripted book, I wondered, did I do a mistake by picking this up? Because it wasted 45 days of my life and I was nowhere near done finishing it! I did not get the desire to pick this book up and read because I wasn’t finding it interesting enough.

The characters! Oh the characters, I cannot go ahead without bitching about them.

- There were so many characters to catch up to that it was outright confusing from the very beginning.

- They all gave me stuck up and annoying vibes.

- I did not feel giddy as I had expected I would from this YA novel. Tsk, disappointed.

- There were many, many characters but none of them had any special effects on me.

Their conversations did not sound anything like a teen’s, nor did their problems sound like real problems even for a teenager, and my God their lack of emotions annoyed the hell out of me. I was a teenager too, but I was never this annoying and I know it. This girl wants to break up, and that guy wants to cancel a date he promised. Just freakin’ do it!!! Just do it!! Why are you bothering us??

If you’re read this book, I hated Cora, she was a stuck up bitch who broke his perfect boyfriend’s heart and that too on prom night because she felt like she couldn’t ‘explore’ life with him by her side….. *Pinching my nose in frustration.*

There’s so much I want to bitch about her but I will leave it to this for now.

Amelia – the famous girl - wasn’t nearly as bitchy as Cora or any other girls in the book, and yet, because she was liked by other guys, spoke confidently and liked dressing up, she was the bad one from them all and apparently deserved all the insiders hate.

Henry and Cameron were complicated, and I couldn’t get a valid explanation on why they were like that.

2/5 stars, because I’m a very kind person.

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