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Book Review for: An Ember In The Ashes by Sabaa Tahir

I love Sabaa Tahir, her personality is so admirable, she’s been such an inspiration to me even before I had picked her book up but… oh my god, I hate myself for disliking her books.

I was so sure I was going to enjoy this series, believe me; I even bought the second book 5 years ago because I JUST KNEW I was going to like it. But I’m so disappointed that I couldn’t. I hope the author doesn’t read this review because I personally love her so much I wouldn’t want to hurt her feelings with my honest review.

Ok here it goes.

Reading An Ember in the Ashes felt like waiting for something to load for very long, only for it to start all over again - from another POV.




And then, imagine crossing a long ass hard ass level in a tiring game, and only when it gets better, the story ends, and then again you start another level and it gets exactly as tiring. That’s what the second book - A Torch Against the Night was like. Please, I just want to know what happens, why and how is it being stretched so far?

Sometimes I wanted to pinch my buddy reader – yes you, you know who you are, you owe me a free cup of coffee and a hell lot of gossips for making me go through this – who ditched the book midway because she was wise enough to know this story wasn’t going to get any better while I couldn’t.

There was an extreme level of violence and abuse in the book, which I have come to realize, as a 20-something, I cannot stomach at all – especially not as much as I used to as a teen. I take grieve, violence and abuse too personally, as I get sucked into the story too deep.

You know the funny thing about fantasy books? They make me struggle throughout and just when I’m about to end it, I get punched with such a crushing cliffhanger that it forces me to read the next book ahead.

FYI if you still wish to jump into the series, I want you to know, there’s barely any ducking romance in here - thank the autocorrect for hiding all my frustrated swear words. At one point I was like: Why am I even reading this politics based series, it’s not like I’m planning to rule the world or something, and even if I did this would still really be useless.

⅖ stars.

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