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Book Review for: Bag Exchange by Trishna Damodar

If you love classic Bollywood romance movies and love reading super cliché novels, Bag Exchange can be your next favorite read.

But if you like reading things that have more practicality then this book isn’t exactly for you. This book is filled with cute scenes, like super cute and dreamy scenes that you usually get to see in Hindi movies and in the beginning of almost every Hindi TV show. However the storyline was kind of predictable.

At the start of this book, most of the characters when talking sounded a bit like they all were the same people, the same phrases were being used by different people, as if the same person was talking every time with a different name.

But then again I know this book would be loved a lot by young teenagers, they’ll feel all giddy and they’ll probably love the book more than I ever will.

What I loved the most in this book was the beautiful bond between the mother and daughter, it was as if they were best friends, I loved reading their discussions and I envied those particular parts the most.

Bag Exchange is a super cute love story between a man and a woman who met each other online and started liking each other without even seeing one another, until one day they did at the airport and that’s where their real adorable love story started.

My favorite quote:

“Missing someone can hurt. But when you know they are yours forever, negativity it helps avert.”

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