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Book Review for: Beverly, Right Here by Kate DiCamillo

It truly felt like summer was finally here when I read the first few chapters of Beverly, Right Here and walked out into my balcony. I’m not kidding - It was 40 degrees centigrade!

This story is about Berverly, a teen who lost her best friend - her dog, Buddy. With only a mother left in her life who couldn’t care less about her, she sets off to an unplanned journey somewhere far away from a place that never really felt like her home. And that’s where her story starts.

I finished most of the book in only one sitting. You can know by that fact on how simple, sweet and interesting this work of fiction was.

I do wish the expressions of all the characters were more descriptive while they spoke to each other. I wish we had received more details on everything in all the chapters, and I wish I could read a much more descriptive and deeper back-story on all the characters.

Maybe because those details were excluded from the book was the reason I was able to finish this story much faster. Either way, it’s a really down to earth and simple book, perfect for middle graders looking for something different to read.

3 out of 5 stars.

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