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Book Review for: Big Little Steps by Mathilde Loujayne

Can I just keep embracing this book forever? I want to keep this BEAUTIFUL book close to me for the rest of my life, will that be possible? No matter what, this book will always be close to my heart.

Big Little Steps honestly touched my heart and somehow anchored me to a more peaceful life. I’m feel so honored and grateful to Allah (swt) for making me a Muslim. This book made me comprehend that.

If you’re a non-Muslim and want to know more about our religion, read this book. If you’re a Muslim and feel kind of lost and confused. Read this book to get back in track. It’ll help you in indescribable ways, you’ll feel more certain and definitely more lighter.

It’s the first ever book of which my family read the synopsis of and said it was actually good, and that I should read it. Even though I was already reading it, I feel really proud to own this informative and educational book.

What are Muslim women's rights? What do modesty, humbleness and fashion have in common? What is halal food?

This book is designed to empower women with Islamic values. You are given the tools to become the best version of yourself, as you enter a universal family beyond borders called the Ummah.

I would give this book a 5 out of 5 stars.

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