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Book Review for: Caraval by Stephanie Garbar

Caraval, the story of a girl exploring a place she always wanted to visit as a child, but not enjoying as much as she had hoped for, as her sister was missing, and as a part of the game, it was her job to find her - lest she remains missing forever.

The description of the carnival itself was so… wow. I too wanted to actually see the Caraval and explore all the fun it held (as a guest -OH GOD PLEASE, only as a guest, never a player, I’m not as brave as I seem to be) and enjoy the nightly atmosphere.

While I read though, I could feel that the writer wanted to describe the carnival more, I could feel an unwritten yearning to tell us more from her imagination, more about what she built in her mind, but either out of the fear of boring us all or ending up stretching the chapters too further, she did not listen to herself. The first five chapters seemed all too quick, all clipped short. I personally would’ve preferred if she really had written her imagination out, told us more about Caraval before the real story began. However, the creativity given in the story and the carnival itself is still worth applauding, and surely worth reading till the end.

This story was sort of like a roller coaster ride - not the big adult’s roller coaster, but the kiddo ones… but interesting all the same.

I too ran along the main character - Scarlett, doubting whom to doubt and whom to trust, I couldn’t find the ending that was coming my way. I was in an illusion, and I liked it.

Scarlett was not your typical badass character who had swagger and knew exactly what she was doing, but the complete opposite, and although I prefer the former version of personality in the books I read, Scarlett’s personality felt refreshing. She showed that just because you’re scared, doesn’t mean you’re not strong enough to win a fight.

Julian - the male lead - was your typical ‘bad boy with sad past gone good after falling in love’ and if you know me, you know I like that.

The only thing I didn’t like about this book was that the romance wasn’t … enough. It wasn’t intense enough it wasn’t evil enough it wasn’t good enough, and it was something I was expecting the most so, 3/5 stars.

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