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Book Review for: Dreamology by Lucy Keating

The book Dreamology was like a balloon, it puffed me up with excitement and anticipation in every chapter and then *Whoosh*… it ended up bursting with nothing but unanswered questions and an unsatisfying ending.

I will be completely honest, this is the type of book that you’ll effortlessly be able to get through, not because you HAVE to because you started it already, but because you’d WANT to. The concept was great, and the writing style was simple and easy, and the description of the Boston City was dazzling!

Now I’ll be completely honest about what I didn’t like – or in correct terms – HATED in this book. Especially about the main characters, and in particular, Alice.

So… let me start by giving you a synopsis. Alice dreams about a guy called Max almost every time she falls asleep, he’s her imaginary boyfriend. One day she ends up meeting this Max in real life when Alice and her father shift to the Boston City from New York. But Max doesn’t recognize her, which she later finds out is because he chooses not to, even though he remembers having the same dreams of her as she dreamed of him. Simply because he has a girlfriend in real life…

I ended up hating Alice just as much as I had liked her at the beginning of this book. She was so full of herself. And so was her ‘on and off from imaginary to real’ boyfriend Max. Alice didn’t seem to care anything about the world or her friends other than herself and her vivid dream and imagination, literally!

The only characters I genuinely liked were her supportive friends, Oliver and Sophie.

Now, about the worst parts. The ending felt awfully rushed out and unexplained even though we were promised a scientific explanation about the weird dreams the main leads kept having about each other from the first chapters.

AND I didn’t feel giddy while reading the romantic scenes, in fact; I wasn’t even shipping them when I was supposed to. Could there be anything more disappointing in a book?

I’m being very, VERY kind and generous by giving this book 2.5 out of 5 stars that’s almost gravitating towards a 3. Because I’ve read worse books, and even though the main leads were horribly annoying and the ending was rushed out, the book kind of entertained me.

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