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Book Review for: Elementals by Alec Matthew

Why are fantasy novels always so fantastic? Fantasy-Fantas-tic.

The Elementals was a nice novel. Though I must confess that I didn’t exactly love it from the beginning. The characters were too sarcastic, especially in the worst situations, not caring one bit about their sarcasm crashing and burning in the most peculiar ways. Some of the main characters reacted too dramatically to almost everything at first, but they started getting better as the chapters went by.

As you keep reading, you start growing with each and every character and you truly start liking them. Especially Luke. He’s the type of best friend I always wish I had. If you read this book you’ll want to have a friend like him too. Will you be heartbroken after reading this book? Yes and no. You’ll like this book enough to wish it doesn’t end too rapidly.

I’d give this book a 3.5 out of 5 stars, a perfect book for a perfect spring day.

So this book is based on Evelyn Harp, a girl with the ability to control soil, plants, trees and flower – and only her friend Luke knows about her secret power.

After one fateful day everything changes for them. These two friends embark on an adventure beyond their wildest dreams.

They are soon joined by her Elemental sisters in their adventure – with each having powers of the Wind, Fire and Water - where it's revealed that she is a member of the Guardians - powerful warrior women who stretch back through history, who were created with a single purpose. To defeat an ancient evil that rises every few hundred years, intent of enslaving humanity. The Guardians must fulfil their birthright and send him back to the depths of hell.

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