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Book Review for: Hexed by Michelle Krys

So the book Hexed is about a teenage girl living a mediocre yet happy life as a good student and a famous cheerleader with a hot boyfriend who’s a football player.

But then things change terribly when the mysterious Witch Hunter’s Bible gets stolen from her mom’s shop and when she finds out that she is actually a witch and a group of sorcerers who stole the Bible are after her because only she can unlock a book.

This book was like every other teenage book ever written. It had comedy, romance and most importantly; mystery. And like every other teenager, I completely enjoyed it.

Especially when things abruptly got messed up in the book. The sudden changes actually intrigued me enough to finish it as soon as possible.

Though I must say that some of the characters in this book were quite ‘beachy’ if you know what I mean. Like so much that you’d really want to slap them on the middle of their faces so that it hurts more.

It certainly wasn’t the serious type of book, it was silly AND it was funny. If you’re not into easy and fun books; this isn’t for you.

A 3/5 stars from me.

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