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Book Review for: Josh and Hazel's Guide to Not Dating Christina Lauren

Josh & Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating was a very predictable and clichéd novel. However, before I head over to the parts I disliked about this book, I’ll point out the parts that I did love about it.

I loved Hazel’s personality so much! She had the perfect combination of quirky and innocent, and that’s exactly what made her a lovable character. In fact, I hope I took some of her quirky personality within myself while I reading this book, because she was all so carefree and admirable!

Hazel’s silly mishaps made me cringe so hard, and so many times that every time she blurted out something unfiltered, I felt like closing my eyes with my hands because this girl went through a LOT of embarrassing moments. Also, the main lead of this story is a hot Korean guy named Jimin, AKA Josh. I know so many of you have already decided to read this book even before letting me finish this sentence because my folks love everything Korean, and this Korean is HAWT.

Josh & Hazel were the most unlikely pair anyone could ever think of in literally every possible way; and that was what made this story interesting for me.

Now comes the parts I disliked in this book.

I had a lingering feeling of something big missing in the book. Even after finishing the last page, something huge felt absent. So I walked myself back through the pages and realized - it wasn’t me who missed something out, it was the book itself. It lacked a huge amount of suspense and thrill.

I can’t believe two authors combined (Christina & Lauren) couldn’t figure out a good enough suspense for this novel. Everything was too predictable. At a point while reading I made a bet to myself that if my prediction turned out to be incorrect in the next chapter, I’ll make myself solve a math problem from my 10th Grade mathematics textbook, and guess who didn’t have to work through a math problem after all? ME.

I’m giving this book a 3 out of 5 stars because I’ve read better stories, and also because I’ve read worse ones. ⭐⭐⭐

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