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Book Review for: Lights on the Sea by Miquel Reina

I was planning on reading just 2 chapters from this book, then I was planning on taking a nap. But startlingly, I couldn’t stop myself from reading just another chapter. I hadn’t expected to find this story to be so exciting, intense and adventurous. I surprisingly loved it! This book was filled with unsystematic emotional roller coasters that simply loved playing with my heart.

The book ‘Lights on the Sea’ was very thought-provoking, I was always deep in thought while I was reading this book, and I was in even deeper in thought when I wasn’t reading this book. This is the type of book that gave me the title of being ‘highly unsocial’ because I just wouldn’t keep the book down.

All the descriptions given on the hidden beauty of the ocean amazed me completely. The ocean, the islands and the ice lands made me wish to go on an adventure myself! (With enough commodities and warm clothes of course.) I loved the characters very much, all of them were so ordinarily unique.

I would give this unusually beautiful book a 5 out of 5 stars because it’s actually pretty good! It took me only 5 days to finish.

This book is about a retired couple living in a house on a cliff near the ocean that was made out of a ship that never sailed because of the unfortunate death of their son 35 years ago. But one day it did sail. When the cliff broke down in a storm the house went down with it but fortunately the storm couldn’t break it. Instead it sailed, and took the couple in an adventure of a lifetime.

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