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Book Review for: Murder in Lima by Mats Vederhus

I never knew Peru, Lima was such a pretty and classy place for vacation until I read Murder in Lima. I know, I know, the name of the novel describes the exact opposite of ‘a good place for vacation’, but apart from the suspense and murder, the author also described the city wonderfully. He did not leave behind the flaws while describing Lima and that somehow made the whole city seem more realistic in my mind while I was reading the book.

I loved how classy and fashion conscious all the characters in this book were, and interesting! The mysterious character of Kurt Hammer made him my favorite personality in the whole book.

I did wish Frank Hansen and Kurt were more emotionally available at some points in the story, and I wish the book also had a chapter where it showed how drinking alcohol was not the right or healthy way to handle grief.

Apart from that, the book was interesting and suspenseful. As Murder in Lima was the second book from a series, I made sure to add the first book, ‘Trouble in Trondheim’, in my wish list. Even though I understood little bits of what had gone down in the first book enough to start the story from the second, I still want details!

3 out of 5 stars.

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