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Book Review for: Not Yours but Forever: A Novella by Ruth Morse

“This book has been written so beautifully that I think I’m going to cry...” I thought as soon as I finished the last page of this exceptional novella.

I will be completely honest; never did I ever, EVER expect to love Not your But Forever as much as I ended up loving it. So much so that now it’s actually among my list of favorite books written by new authors.

The writing style was so heartbreakingly good. And the main character, Mia, was so beautifully and meaningfully portrayed that I actually felt and understood her pain.

The book showed us the world from the perspective of an emotionally depressed teenager and her journey to a slow yet crucial healing recovery.

This novella was easy to get through; it couldn’t bore me, at all. It was the type of story that made me think a lot, made me understand the life from the perspective of a depressed victim much more closely.

It’s surely worth a read, but I must warn you, this book portrays issues such as self-harm and somewhat strong languages, so if you’re under 18, I don’t recommend you to read it yet.

A 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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