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Book Review for: Painting Kuwait Violet by Pamela Q. Fernandes

Painting Kuwait Violet was like a haunted story without any real ghosts in it, at least not in the cloudy and unearthly forms. The ghosts of this book were the humans themselves.

I feel this is among those books that will have a long time impact on me and my soul. Life is so unfair for some people, and it’s breaking my heart to even imagine that someone in real life had to go through the hardships the main character of this book went through and still could not get justice.

This story is about a young Indian girl in the 1990’s stuck in a pool full of debts to pay after her father’s unfortunate demise. Unable to find a job even after trying for months, she finally gets a job offer, but not a very good one. She has to work as a maid in a wealthy house in Kuwait. She accepts the job offer and this is where the story begins.

Life gets awfully busy with uncountable house chores, and just when she thinks everything had finally gotten into a right yet busy pace, she finds out that the maids before her; either ran away, got absconded or impregnated by someone living in that very building, but no one ever speaks.

Will she be the next victim, or will she be able to rescue herself?

This book has left me with a gloomy heart and I don’t know what to do. I have never been this disturbed or revolted by a villain in a book so much before, ever! This book has real scary damned villains; you can trust me on that.

4.5 stars for the book that left an invisible scar. ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

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