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Book Review for: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

I must declare Pride & Prejudice to be the best slow-burn romance novel I’ve ever read.

This book is your perfect choice if you wish to start reading from something in the classics. It has that way of transferring you back to their era where people used to enjoy their lives without any need of computers, mobiles or the internet. The way the book was written, I could feel their fluent British accent flowing in my mind and ears like wind.

The few troubles I had while reading were that I frequently drifted from a scene, therefore needing to reread the whole page once again. I accept the reason to be most probably because I don’t read classics that often, and it gets a little difficult for me to catch up with all the expressions.

If you haven’t read any classics or couldn’t read and finish a classic previously because you felt it was kind of difficult for you to understand, this wouldn’t be the right pick for you.

If you in fact do love classics and love their way of beautifully writing everything like I do, AND you’re going out on a long holiday and you can only take limited books with you, pick Pride and Prejudice. It’s time consuming and it’ll set up the perfect ambience for you.

I was amazed to realize how much most parts of our society are still a lot similar to the society of the 1800’s in England, we still have a lot of civility and etiquettes like people used to have back then, but most of us are not as classy. But I’m still oddly satisfied about it.

I would give this masterpiece a 3.5 out of 5 stars from me.

My favorite quotes:

“Angry people are not always wise.”

“People themselves alter so much, that there is something new to be observed in them forever.”

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