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Book Review for Reclaim Your Heart by Yasmin Mogahed

Why does it hurt so much when things in life change? Because we strive for perfection in a world created for imperfections. And why do we strive for perfection? Because we were dropped on earth from the perfect place called the paradise. This life isn’t supposed to be perfect even though we want every second of it to be.

What is the purpose of hardships? No seriously, why the fkjd must we suffer? They are given to us so that we may come closer to our lord and not get lost between the folds of his temporary world and start planning for the real one <up there> and honestly, this comprehensive book won me over from the very first paragraph, and then it kept on winning as I kept on reading.

Today’s independent society has somehow made me feel weak for wanting to embrace my femininity, as if it’s wrong to be sensitive, wrong to love pink or girly things – not that there’s anything wrong if you don’t like these, but why should 21st century women have to pretend not to like certain things to be considered strong? Being a woman itself is a high standard, we don’t have to be like men to be considered a high standard human and the author described this topic in her book so beautifully.

The emotions and kindness Yasmin Mogahed invested into this book to teach us what she learned through her own experiences is worth admiring; as the book really did make me reclaim my heart, I’ve been in a haze for a while now and the book cleared up the sight of my soul so well.

Definite 5/5 stars, a perfect Ramadan read.

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