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Book Review for: Shaytan or Nafs: Who is Our Stronger Enemy? by Umm Mohammad

I will cut the chase and tell you, this book motivated me to finally learn to read Arabic so I could read the Holy Quran. I spent years making blank promises to myself that after I complete this or that task, I will focus on learning Arabic, but that moment never came until I read this book. The book Shaytan or Nafs: Who is Our Stronger Enemy showed me how Shaytan might be delaying a good deed for me by whispering sweet nothings and telling me to wait till I finish this or complete that, thus moving me away from learning a good thing.

I’ve recently started with the Arabic alphabets, and there’s still a long way to go till I can read the Holy Quran, but the fact that this book explained to me profoundly enough how Shaytan might be distracting me from good deeds spoke volumes. The book showed me how unconsciously we may be following Shaytan’s words, letting them control our minds and thoughts... how often we let our biggest enemy control us. Manipulate us. I had previously read a book on good vs. evil, many years ago, and somehow that certain book had made me feel really bad about myself, and it felt like the author triggered me directly, so I couldn’t exactly love it.

But Alhumdulilah, this beautiful book… it didn’t make me feel bad about myself at all, it did not personally attack me for not knowing certain things. But instead, explained every wrong and right thing in a healthy manner, as if the author too understood how bad things can get, and how it can be solved if we stood strong.

The book also answered difficult questions like ‘why is life so difficult?’ And ‘why would Allah test us if he loves us?’ for us with the most beautiful examples and explanations. I must aware you, as you read along, you might find yourself in deep in thought, about our mistakes, our shortcomings. But worry not! As I continued reading ahead, I was told about the many ways we could learn to repent, to forgive and be the better version of ourselves, and focus on our goal that is to have the best in the hereafter.

5/5 stars for this amazing book.

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