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Book Review for: Stalking Jack The Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco

If you’d like to indulge yourself into the depths of the 19th century London – Stalking Jack the Ripper will keep its promise of entertaining you. However, I must warn you, this book can and will get gruesome at many points (e.g. cutting of human bodies and pulling organs off) you’ll get an insight on how life was for medical students in the 1800’s, and notice how – in a twisted way, their research helped enhance modern science.

That’s not it; you’ll also get a spooky mystery to solve along with charming 19th century characters, specifically Thomas, a smart, confident and flirty medical student who has the most calculative mind, and Audrey Rose, also a medical student, who is desperately searching for freedom in a world where the dominion of a man over a woman’s life is considered normal.

I absolutely adored the way the author described everything about the 19th century as if she too existed in that era, as if she too wore annoying corsets and lived through constant chattering of women gossiping, and had been forced to talk with women who couldn’t think like her. The author’s research on this era was so thorough and so accurate, I was impressed.

I genuinely liked this book, liked the characters, but did I love it enough to read the second installment of this series? Unfortunately, no. Maybe if the next books had completely new characters and storyline, I would’ve been interested, but for this book, I’d prefer to put a full stop to it. I had mentioned in one of my previous book reviews that I have an unnecessary talent of realizing who the culprit is in every mystery novel way before I am supposed to find out, and that same thing happened with this book too, thus ruining the suspense for me in the process.

There’s a haunting mystery to this book which makes it the perfect read for Halloween and autumn. I’m giving Stalking Jack the Ripper 3/5 stars.

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