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Book Review for: The Day My Kisses Tasted Like Disorder by Emmanuella Hristova

Good poetry shouldn’t be read at the witch hour, or it can get the power to make you feel heartbroken for things you never really went through in real life...

Ooouuuchhh. What do I do now?

You should know that it’s not really easy for poetry books to sway me, but the book ‘The Day My Kisses Tasted like Disorder’ was NOT filled with nonsense and bad grammar like SOME of the other poetry books I read before. I loved how the author was capable to express her life’s story in such short yet beautifully poetic paragraphs.

A very short yet heart touching book about the author’s life on how she carries on living her life with a heart filled with sorrow. You’ll surely love it.

I’ll give this book a 3.5 out of 5 stars.

My favorite quote: “I spent a decade building a fortress around my heart, to protect myself from the pain inflicted from the outside invaders till one day I realized it was awfully lonely in this lofty castle I had built for myself because the only one inside was me…

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