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Book Review for: The Flat Share by Beth O'Leary

The Flat Share started in such a boring way - in SUCH A BORING FRICKIN’ WAY, that I wanted to DNF it even before completing the first chapter. I did not wish to give this book a second chance, but because one of my friends said it was an entertaining read, I did not give up and carried on, and I’m happy to say that I’m glad I did.

This book is about Tiffy, who after a rough break-up with his emotionally abusive boyfriend, had to find a new place to live. But because of her low budget, she took the easiest and cheapest option she could find, and that was flat sharing with a complete stranger, and Leon - the flat owner and a nurse – who needed the extra money to send it to his innocent brother stuck in prison.

Tiffy and Leon got to know each other through post it notes and text messages as their work timings never matched. Where will this story go? Will they find their lost happiness within each other?

I soon realized that that’s just how the author writes; she takes her time to build the world and lets us get comfortable with the atmosphere. I slowly learned about the unique story of both the main characters, and soon found an odd sort of connection with them both, and found myself looking forward into reading what would happen next.

The Flat Share also spoke about a subject many don’t speak about, and that’s emotional abuse. The book walked up to the steps to make us realize how serious emotional abuse is, how draining and how devastating, how it destroys your soul bit by bit, and yet victims keep denying it as long as it’s not physical. This book felt so… real.

The main character, Leon, spoke in a shortcut sort of way, fewer pronouns, small sentences… That’s how he thought and functioned and even though most men actually think like that – by keeping things short - I found this expressed in a book quite new and interesting. As if an actual boy was talking.

By the end of the book I was so very happy that the author did not rush the ending, I loved how she smoothened out every question and gave us all the details, it honestly could not have been any more perfect. 3/5 stars.

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