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Book Review for: The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh

The Language of Flowers wasn’t exactly boring. But it most definitely was annoying. I was annoyed by the main character, I was annoyed by the IMPRUDENT decisions that were made by Victoria (the main lead) in this book, and also by the way the book was elaborated with exasperating information.

Spoilers Alert!! Spoilers Alert!! Spoilers Alert!!

Especially in the second chapter of this novel, I kept wondering, “Where on EARTH are they going with this story?” and “Why is she not taking help?” and ‘’Why is everyone helping this crazy woman?” Her insecurities towards her own few friends seemed utterly meaningless to me.

I won’t say the very same for chapter 1 because that’s the chapter that made me read this whole book.

But I will ask the author, why why WHY can’t your character Victoria quit feeling sorry for herself and get her head straight? And also, how exactly can a man fall in ‘love’ with a woman who he literally NEVER spoke to? She never did anything heart touching or unique enough to be loved so ‘unconditionally’ by him. NOR did they ever have a single interesting conversation that might have triggered this.

The few things that were good about this book were 1: It wasn’t very hard to finish it off and 2: The Language of Flowers vastly intrigued me towards easily communicating with people through flowers and also towards learning more about botany.

I believe the author could’ve used the idea of the language of flowers with a better and a more interesting story, and certainly not on some character who loves making wrong decisions.

I would give this book a 2 out of 5 stars, and I am giving an extra star only for of the first chapter.

This book is about an orphan girl who spent almost her whole life alone in the foster-care system until she turned 18 and started a career in flowers and met an old acquaintance who she started liking. And then things happened.

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