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Book Review for: The Orphan Band of Springdale by Anne Nesbet

I was so sad to say goodbye to all the characters I became good friends with in The Orphanband of Springdale. There were so many unforgettable little personalities in this book that I’m sure I’ll miss.

In 1941, Augusta Neubronner gets sent to Springdale, Maine, to her grandmother’s orphan home because life was getting tough in New York. With a father who’s missing and is being looked for as a fugitive by the police and a mother who’s still far away in New York, life gets tricky for the 11 year out Augusta. But with her musical French horn and her new friends, life starts getting a little less worrisome, but a lot trickier at the same time. This story is about her journey through life alone in her little – metaphorical – boat and how she learns to overcome the storms that come her way.

I loved the simplicity of this book, and loved how the story was written from the eyes of a little child. It showed how wonderful and horrifying the world looked from little Augusta’s point of view. The writing style was so smooth and detailed – something that I absolutely love and look forward to in books. There are just too many things I loved about The Orphanband of Springdale to point only a few out. Plus the fact that it didn’t have any romance in it made it so much easier for me to read it during Ramadan.

A book that’ll make you go through a roller coaster of emotions. 5/5 stars.

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