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Book Review for: The Rise of Wolves by Thomson Kerr

After plenty of years I genuinely felt the pang of excitement before starting a book, just the way I used to feel when I used to buy a book in my younger teen years.

The Rise of the Wolves was an informative novel. It told me all I needed to know about Scotland and entertained me thoroughly. This book is perfect for elementary school students, but not very fun and interesting for old people like us.

If you want to make any child an avid reader, hand this book over to them, they’ll enjoy the book AND learn a lot about a lot of things. This book is about a boy who loves where he lives. Living in a small island with his grandfather, he enjoys the small life he has around the ones he loves.

Until one day a company comes to their small island to build wind turbines. To save his island from pollution he has to take in a challenge to cross an impossible leap to be the Laird of Nin. If he doesn’t, he would not only risk the existence of the wild wolves, but ruin their perfect night sky as well. Would he be able to cross the leap? Or would be fail miserably? Read the book to fine out!

I would give this book a 3 out of 5 stars. Perfect read for kids.

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