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Book Review for: Two on a Sled by A.J lloyd

Thou haven’t a clue on what you’re missing out on if thee haven’t read this charming novel yet.

I declare Two on a Sled among one of my favorite gothic romance novel that I’ve ever read! The story was completely unpredictable yet the book did not bore me once from the beginning till the end. The characters were so very interesting.

This book has ghosts, hopeless romantics and an amusing gothic love story. It’s like a perfect combination of an entertaining read, especially during winter.

This story is based in the 1980’s when a young widower and her daughter moves to a small county to start their new life at a new place. When they shift to their new house, they feel a presence of someone near them, but they never get frightened by it and therefore they avoid it. Few days later their suspicion comes to life when their ordinary Ouija Board becomes a portal for a spirit to warn the mother about something terrible that’ll be coming their way…

I believe that this book requires a lot more fame and acclaims, there are still a lot of books out there that are not even nearly as good as this but those book are still read by thousands of readers all around the world whereas the good books are only read by a few.

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars

*Thou & Thee means ‘You’ incase you didn't know.

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