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Book Review for: Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Avid Coho readers will know that her book characters are… rather complex, and because we like our book characters like we like our skin to be - flawless - we are angst by the concept of imperfect men in the only place we ever found perfection in them. It’s like she sabotaged our safety zones, the only place we found flawlessness, one of those books being Ugly Love.

Maybe it’s sort of admirable? She often speaks about imperfections in a profound manner, speaks about how normal but wrong it is to go on for years and years without seeking therapy, to be toxic, and how making terrible mistakes are normal, how it makes us human...

However, Ugly Love was… depressingly ugly. You know what I hate? Love stories that don’t give the love time. And you know what I hate more? The concept of love at first sight in contemporary books - both of which I received in this book.

Miles – the main lead - described in a paragraph:

Rachel has godsend red hair

Rachel has green eyes

Rachel is Rachel

Rachel is mine

Rachel will fall in love with me

This is all Miles ever did or say and




I was so frustrated I wanted to slap him.

The story did keep me hooked till the end so… 3/5 stars.

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