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Book Review for: When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi

I never thought I’d actually end up liking a non fictional book so much. I usually read books that had a lot of magic, fiction or romance in them, so I had figured a story was no good without these three aspects. And I still might be right about that at some degree, but the book When Breath Becomes Air changed my judgment on non-fiction books.

It didn’t have any magic, but reading through this book was a wonderful journey. A part of this book showed what doctors go through and learn from everyday, so descriptively that it made my stomach growl. Nope, that subject was definitely NOT for me. To all the doctors and the doctors who are studying for their degree, you’re doing one hell of a job; it needs a lot of heart and devotion to do such hard work. I’m proud of you.

I had readied myself to cry anytime the book turned emotional - as per as everyone I know who read this book said I will, but unfortunately (or fortunately?) I did not cry. I was mad at myself for not feeling deeply emotional while reading this book as I had expected I will. I mean, the author died after writing this book, and I couldn’t shred a single tear? I thought I had become the only person I hated - heartless, emotionless, merciless, monst— until it hit me.

This book wasn’t written with the purpose to make me cry. The reason this book was written by the author was to make you see life from a different perspective, to make you understand life, and to make you want to live it fully and full heartedly, even in the face of death.

3.5 out of 5 stars

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