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Book Review for: When The Two Seas Meet by Mumtaz Raffi

The complicated relationship between a mother in-law and a daughter in-law was defined profoundly in this beautiful book called When the Two Seas Meet. This book had my earnest attention from the very first chapter - where the author mentioned about how, even with different backgrounds and lifestyles, individuals can live together in harmony if they give each other their own space and boundaries - just like the two seas mentioned in the Quran, about how the two ocean never cross each other’s line, and in the process reserve their own unique magnificence. I found that example beautiful.

I found this book very useful - even though I’m not a mother in law. It spoke about adjusting with new people in your life, and that’s something I’ve always been nervous about, as I’ve only ever found true comfort within the small group of people that I trust.

When the Two Seas Meet teaches us how to adjust with new people in our lives with plenty of beautifully compiled advices with Islamic references, so it’s good for anyone who’s having difficulties adjusting with new members in their family or in their friend circle.

If I ever have a mother in law, I’ll make sure to gift this to her and suggest her to read it, so we can understand and find love for each other in this rather confusing world.

This book gets a 5/5 stars from me.

“Your wounds can be turned into your wisdom; your stumbling blocks can be your stepping stones if you choose. Do not miss the remarkable opportunity that adversity and even tragedy presents. Your life can be even better by the things that break your heart...”

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