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Book Review for: Without Merit by Colleen Hoover

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Me earlier this summer: Lets binge buddy read all Coho books this summer; it’ll be so much fun!!
Also me by the mid of summer: Listen, if we don’t stop reading her books right this instant, we’ll either pull our hair out or un-follow and block Coho for life.

The transition was epically hilarious, I know, but sort of shocking, too. Either we’re no longer the girls we were as teens, or we’ve picked really bad Coho books to buddy read, one of them being Without Merit.

This story could’ve gone to so many beautiful places; could’ve given us many life lessons, could’ve made us swoon, the starting of it was so… hopefully depressing that we did the mistake of hoping we’d enjoy this book. No, it’s my fault. I expected too much it’s my fault. I’m underwhelmed and it’s my fault.

How do I even summarize this story… a poor girl who doesn’t know she’s depressed gets even more depressed because her family is literal trash? If families like this exist… please run away. Yes, I insist! Getting annoyed as a reader 5 times in a row is NOT normal for a good book, now is it?

One point I half-liked in this book was Merit herself. She was straightforward and right in many chapters. I had to say ‘half-liked’ because, well, she too was annoying. I won’t specify her stupidity lest I spill a spoiler, but the mistakes she made were… oh so sad.

However, as annoying as the characters may have been, the story and the mystery it held definitely kept me hooked to read ahead, so, 2.5/5 stars.

P.S. Binge reading Colleen Hoover books made me notice how she probably never wrote about a proper good dad ever…

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