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Bool Review for: The Spanish Love Deception by Elena Armas

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

If someone had told me The Spanish Love Deception was going to be so good, I would’ve saved a highlighter aside to save my favorite lines - especially the ones that had cracked me up.

Actually, many of my friends had told me it’s good, it’s just me and my doubtful mindset that kept me from doing that, and I can happily say that I kind of regret it? Because although the story was somewhat cliché, it was so good, it was something I truly, finally, completely enjoyed this year, and this has been a long, LONG year so far.

The story started so abruptly that I didn’t even know where to look and what to think, it was like blow, I was thinking things like ‘did I miss something’ and ‘what’s going on?’ It’s a blow you’ll only understand once you read the first chapter of the book.

I loved the whole “pretending to hate you but I secretly love you” trope. Lina was stubborn, it’s something you will find her being, a lot, it might even annoy you, but trust me, once you’re deep into the story, you’ll love her even more for that alone, plus she’s funny!

And oh… Aaron Blackford. Aaron Blackford was so charming; a handsome perfection, and now he's in my list of favorite bookish boyfriends.

This is the type of book that’ll make you laugh and kick your legs in the air at least once, so this toxic reader right here says it’s definitely worth the read. 4/5 Stars. 1 star minus - only and only because it was unnecessarily stretched at many chapters, therefore making the story feel too long.

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