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Compiled Book Reviews for: Firebird Trilogy by Claudia Gray

A Thousand Pieces of You

I always thought I was a smarty pants, and intelligent when it came to emotions, until I fell in love with the wrong handsome fictional character and got betrayed by him.

The book A Thousand Pieces of You is about a girl traveling through parallel universes with a device invented by her parents, to find the murderer of her father – who the police thinks was mysteriously killed by one of his own beloved students, and successfully escaped this dimension with the help of the Firebird device. Marguerite follows Paul – the convicted murderer and her ex-friend – with the help of her dear friend Theo, and travels through the most peculiar and beautiful parallel dimensions of the universe in search for him. I don’t want to spoil anything but I can guarantee you that you’ll be visiting some absolutely intriguing universes through this book, and also get all the interesting details I couldn’t add in this tiny synopsis.

You might think sci-fi and the explanations given about dimensions might be too complicated for you, and that you might not understand it well enough, but trust me, that is so not true. I thought Sci-Fi wasn’t a genre for me, but oh boy was I wrong. This book flared up my imagination so marvelously; I was sucked right into the story. I understood then why people loved reading Sci-Fi so much; it was always so futuristic and fascinating!

The idea that there might be multiple universes in this very world, that there might be someone out there, someone else just like me who made a different life decision, and still existed, is so exciting to think. I was honestly glad when the author didn’t bother to explain the technicalities of physics and how traveling through parallel universes exactly worked as Physics wasn’t ever really my go-to subject.

Apart from that, the fires this book just kept hurling at me were UNBELIEVABLE. I gasped out loud every time a new reality hit me.

However, the story felt a little childish and poorly written at some points, and I was hoping for more of a spark in the relationships between the main characters in the story, which i didn't get. I’m hoping the next book will do just that. Apart from that, the book was really entertaining.

4 out of 5 stars. ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Ten Thousand Skies Above You

Part 2 of the Firebird trilogy was even better than its first part. I loved every little bit of this twisted multi-dimensional sci fi story - the first of its kind I ever read - and the cliffhanger OH GOD THE CLIFFHANGER IN THIS BOOK MADE ME CRAZY!

I have a feeling the last installment of this trilogy would be even better. (No spoilers please, I have no wish to know if the last book is good or not from anyone.)

I’m not going to elaborate further, and will carry on with the next book ASAP!

P.S. Can you love two boys at the same time, because I can’t choose whom I love more between Theo and Paul…

A Million Worlds with You

I really hate how this epic sci-fi trilogy has been underrated by all those overrated books that many say are good, but once you read it, you realize how underwhelming they actually are. The Firebird Trilogy deserves to be read and spoken about more often, it should get awards and it should be adapted into a movie for Netflix – alas! None of those have happened.

I have shortlisted 6 interesting points that you will love if you choose to read Firebird trilogy:

- An incredible storyline about parallel universes

- Chapters that’ll make you want read more

- Irresistible male characters

- A painful love triangle

- A heart wrenching love story

- Each book gets better than the other

The author’s creative mind took us to multiple parallel universes – she showed us how different our own world would’ve looked if something had or hadn’t been pursued or invented during our world’s timeline. What if lights weren’t invented, or telecommunication or even cars, or what if someone had invented something extra – or something way more extraordinary in our world? Claudia grey explored all those what-ifs, showed us what our world would’ve looked like if we had flying cars, and also showed us a world where technological creations were still considered a wonder and at worst case scenarios – a witchcraft.

This trilogy was funny, simple, profound, heart wrenchingly romantic and creative – it was something that made me admire the author’s wisdom and talent. So I have no reason to give this anything less than 5 stars.

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