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Compiled Book Reviews for: Throne of Glass series by Sarah J Maas

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

The Assassin's Blade

Celaena Sardotheien is officially my most favorite female fictional character. I love Sarah J Maas for writing such books that have badass and strong female characters in them. I hate to love the fact that Sarah J Maas can hit me right in the gut with her heart wrecking books every. Single. Time. And I go right back into reading another one of her amazingly written novels.

The fighting scenes, the plot, the creativity, everything was completely on point! So much so that even 650 pages of this book wasn’t enough for me.

“Life isn't easy, no matter where you are. You'll make choices you think are right, and then suffer for them.”

If you’re not a Sarah J. Maas fan, you totally will be once you pick and read literally ANY of her books. If you’re starting the Throne of Glass series and you’re confused on where to start, I suggest you start with The Assassin’s Blade.

This book is about the most feared and trained assassin Celaena Sardotheien and her back story, about her life before the book Throne of Glass. It’s a super interesting and entertaining book. If you liked reading Crooked Kingdom, you’ll love reading this too.

I will give this book a 4.5 out of 5 stars.

P.S. I’ll be reading the whole series from this novel and I’ll be posting short reviews for each of it instead of a long one so that the ToG reviews won’t bore you.

Throne of Glass

Celaena Sardothien yet again topped on the list of ‘my most favorite badass character!’ What I loved the most about Throne of Glass was how badass and awesome Celaena Sardothien was, and of course the breathtaking twist and turns in this very entertaining novel.

Before starting this series I was quite skeptical about it because for me; hyped books were always good at disappointing me. But after reading this I’m quite sure Sarah J Maas is one of those authors for me whose books I can buy without even looking at its synopsis.

“We all bear scars,... Mine just happen to be more visible than most.”

What I also loved very much was how Celaena (the main lead) never gave up on anything, even after every horrifying things she went through, every hardships. She never stopped smiling and she never stopped caring. Its something a lot of people would find exceedingly difficult to do. If that’s not something to love and admire about her, I don’t know what is! 4/5 Stars.

Crown of Midnight

As always, Sarah J Maas couldn’t bore me for even once while I was reading the Crown of Midnight. As I had promised earlier, I will keep this book’s review short as I don’t want to bore you all by telling you how much I love Sarah J Maas’s works. But I will say that if you’re looking for a book with fantasy, romance, girl power, heartbreaks and adventure, this book is definitely for you.

So my rating for this yet another heartbreaking book from the Throne of Glass series will be a 4 out of 5 stars.

Heir of Fire

Spoilers Alert! Spoilers Alert! Spoilers Alert!

Ok so… as you all must already know, I completely love and admire every single book and characters Sarah J Maas writes about, and I loved Heir of Fire too, bur just not as much as I loved all her other books. I will tell you why.

Starting from the beginning, I simply loved how confident, smart and unbreakable Celeana Sardothein was. I loved her so much that I felt like I was taking in her positive energy and liveliness within myself. Somehow, she made a part of me feel more confident and much happier. But this book… it showed a very sad and vulnerable side of Celeana that broke my heart, it somehow felt like Nehemia’s death broke her just too much, more than Sam Corland’s. That made me sad thus disappointed.

New characters were introduced through this book in this series, from them Aedion was my most favorite. Manon’s story felt kind of dragged, but I didn’t mind as it was giving us specific details on her life.

Rowan was interesting, but he kind of ruined it (I don’t know why) when he slapped Celeana. It doesn’t matter what she said to him, he just shouldn’t have done that. He did a lot to redeem himself, but once someone does something like that, it simply gets really difficult for me to forgive them. I hope Rowan can change my mind in the next book.

Chaol and Celeana were literally my favorite couple, I had absolutely loved their beautiful and carefree friendship before everything went to hell. He gave up a lot for Celeana, so I hope she can see through his mistakes and take him back as her friend or even better, her boyfriend.

Dorian and Sorscha. So from the time their relationship started brewing I knew something would definitely go wrong, so when Sorscha died, I was sad but not shocked. Something needed to be done in order to snap Dorian up!

All my friends who read the ToG series told me to read the Queen of Shadows, they told me it’ll get so much better. So I am going to trust them and start reading the next book from this series. 2.5 out of 5 stars from me.

Queen of Shadows

If Heir of Fire was my least favorite book, Queen of Shadows turned out to be my MOST favorite book from the Throne of Glass series.

Spoilers Alert! Spoilers Alert! Spoilers Alert!

Oh my goodness, this series; especially this book; was SO GOOD I literally have no words to describe what I am feeling right now, maybe happiness and tranquility? I loved the ending of QoS, a lot. So much so that now I am too scared to read the next book from this series. I want to stay in this happy ending for as long as I can.

If you stopped reading this series after reading Heir of Fire, trust me, you’re missing out on a lot of fun. So start reading the now!

The character developments in this book turned out to be so satisfying. I loved how Aelin’s character kept getting better in every chapter.

I must confess though, at the beginning of this book I was kind of annoyed by Aelin. Kind of. Mostly because I still hadn’t gotten over the amazing relationship Chaol and Celeana had shared, it felt sad to see my favorite ship sink.

But I loved how the author concluded their relationship perfectly in the end.

Ok so, can we stop for a moment and discuss about how badass Manon actually turned out to be? She’s now amongst my favorite badass character. I really hope something brews up between Manon and Dorian and I also hope something brews up between Aedion and Lysandra as well! 5 out of 5 stars for the Queen of Shadows.

Empire of Storms

Wait… Hold on a minute. What the actual heck did just happen? Why am I feeling this way? Is it okay to cry? Tell me I didn’t just read 6 big fat books from this series to end up in an unbearable suspenseful ending.

Empire of Storms was filled with adventures and amusements, and it was all so breathtaking!

I literally shipped every single ‘to-be couples’ in this book so bad, that I think I might have squealed when they finally found their love for each other.

I’m going to keep this review short and let you know that I absolutely loved this book! It was all worth the hype and the suspense is still bothering my brain.

5 out of 5 stars. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Tower of Dawn

The first 4 chapters of Tower of Dawn were the only few chapters that felt kind of stretched out, only because new characters were introduced. But! As soon as I got familiar with the new characters, this book turned out so much better than I expected it to be. I loved it SO much!

I loved how Chaol Westfall evolved into his better self, I loved how interesting the new characters were, I loved how I got to know more about Nesryn Faliq and I simply LOVED Antica. The author described the city Antica so beautifully; it was a picturesque mixture of Sharjah, Ankara and Rome, my absolute favorites! 5 out of 5 stars for this captivating book and for my darling, Chaol Westfall.

Kingdom of Ash

Oh dear! What a journey this book has been. The Throne of Glass series was an epic tale that had an epic conclusion, and I’ve never felt so complete and at ease after finishing a book before, ever!

⚠️ Spoilers Alert! Spoilers Alert! Spoilers Alert!

At some points in this novel, especially the last few moments during the epic war, specifically after The Thirteen died, and then Gavriel, I simply could not contain myself, my eyes were threatening me to leak in front of everyone, but still I held it in. But that didn’t stop my heart from weeping.

I think I’ll probably take a day off to grief for the people that never really excited in the real world, but somehow, they did. They existed in our minds and our hearts and it might sound a little silly, but I’ll always remember and cherish them whenever I pick these books up again.

I don’t think a day will be enough to forget them, though. Maybe a week? A Month? A year? How long does it take you to get over a book?

Okay, can we just stop for a minute and go crazy over how the author gifted us in this last book by adding a crossover from A Court of Thorns and Roses Series? It was the best crossover I had EVER EXPERIENCED. I wanted to yell with excitement when I realized it, but I obviously didn’t as it would’ve just made me look like a lunatic.

I think I’ve already extended my word limit for a review, BUT, oh my God, I loved the series so much. I won’t lie, it was a long commitment. It took me around 12 months to finish the series. I managed to read a few more books between this series as well, and also buddy read these with a dear friend of mine from a totally different side of this world, and ended up thinking just the same. So, that is the reason why it took me longer to finish them.

Individual ratings for the books of this series:

✨ Assassin’s Blade - ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ .5/5

✨ Throne of Glass - ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ /5

✨ Crown of Midnight - ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ /5

✨ Heir of Fire - ⭐ ⭐ /5

✨ Queen of Shadows - ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ /5

✨ Empire of Storms - ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ /5

✨ Tower of Dawn - ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ /5

✨ Kingdom of Ash - ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ /5

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