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Finished Writing My First Book

After 3 years of day dreaming, writing, editing, smiling while writing, dreaming some more, struggling even more, I’ve finally, successfully completed writing my first book.

There were days when I wanted to give up and stop writing, and many days when my mind flared up with so much content and confidence that I kept writing till 3 am. I constantly got told to relax and stop working so long and hard, and would be told to take a chill pill - too many times, I even earned a back pain for writing at the same spot for too long, but all those efforts now seems worth it when I see the pages of my book.

I wrote a fiction based from reality, a story that I put all my heart and soul into - every bit of it - to turn it into my version of perfection.

Thank you to my family, to all my friends, for hyping me up every day, those little encouragements meant so much to me, they fueled me to carry on.

There’s still a long way to go till the book materializes, I’d need to edit some more, discuss even more, but with Allah’s blessings and your support, this journey will feel like an amazing one too.

Pray for meee! ♥️

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