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How to Buddy Read a Book? But Most Importantly, What Does Buddy Reading Mean?

What does buddy reading mean?

Buddy reading means: reading the same book with your buddy at the same time, together.

The buddy can be anyone, a new friend you made, or a friend you had all your life. You just need to have the same love for reading books.

How do I buddy read a book with my buddy?

Reading along a book with a friend is one of the most interesting and adventurous experience you’ll ever get while reading. I mean, just think about it! You’ll be getting into an amazing story – or a terrible story – together.

If the book you both choose turns out to be a good one, you’ll get to fangirl/boy it together, and if you choose a bad one, you’ll get to whine about it with your reading buddy. So buddy reading is always fun through and through.

To achieve this reading experience you’ll have to follow some ground rules, so here they are

1. Try not to read a book with more than one person at a time, especially if you’re buddy reading for the first time, or else the whole story might get messed up and you might end up getting into unexpected spoilers.

2. When starting a book, set a chapter where both of you will stop reading at the same time. Make sure that both of you don’t go any further without talking and discussing about the previous chapters together.

3. Don’t set the chapters of your chosen book too far from each other before having another discussion, for example; if you’re in chapter 5; tell each other to stop at chapter 8 or 10 - depending on the length of every chapter.

4. Choose a book that you’ll both want to read.

5. If your reading paces are different, choose another book for yourself that only you will read while you wait for your friend to finish the required chapter. In that way you’ll not want to keep reading a few more chapters after finishing the decided chapter of the chosen book.

6. Don’t discuss about the other book while reading the chosen book with your buddy. Because – why on earth would you do that? Don’t talk about it until you’re done with the chosen book.

And lastly, have fun! Have a lot of fun and enjoy the chosen book entirely!

And I hope these ground rules weren’t as confusing as your class assignments or work.

Watch the video below on how to buddy read a book!

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