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Book Review for: Dream, Du'a, Do by Ruzina Ahad

I never mentioned this out loud before, but I really, really wished a book like Dream, Du’a, Do existed for us modern day Muslimahs. My little unspoken dream came true this year, Alhumdulilah! This book was so informative, so empowering, so entertaining, so wonderful, so understandable and so profound that I wish there was a way I could frame this beauty, and also wish I could use more adjectives to compliment it without looking weird. Dream, Du’a, Do has been written so beautifully, so heartily that from the very first paragraph I felt like the author was talking directly to me – like face to face, like the best motivational speaker. She gripped my attention, made me smile.

“Allah put those dreams in our hearts for a reason. They wouldn’t be pulling at our heartstrings if we didn’t already possess what it takes to manifest them.”

I cannot believe how much I was able to relate myself with every sentence the author wrote about us modern day muslimahs, I couldn’t believe how she understood my mind without even knowing me. It was so cute and sweet I was smiling at her every sentence.

Ouf. I need a minute to process this amazing book… Okay, back. So, I don’t usually write on my books unless it’s my name or the date I started reading it. I wouldn’t have written my silly dreams down on this beautiful book, and I never would’ve known what my big dream truly was, and what was stopping me from achieving it if the author hadn’t encouraged me to do so. She told her readers to underline, highlight and scribble down any dream that popped into our minds, any thought, and so I did what I was told. I found a new pen and jotted down my dreams, and I ended up learning so much about myself from it. I breezed through this book as easily as I do when reading a fictional book. That is how this REAL book entertained me! If school books taught every subject like Ruzina did by exploring the subject of dreaming, praying, and doing for us, I wouldn’t have been such a bad student. I want to take a moment out to say I love the author (who too is a fellow Bengali and I’m so proud of her) and want to thank her for writing this book.

A full 5/5 stars.

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