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Book Review for: Beyond the Story - 10-year record of bts

BTS are stronger than stone and steel, reading their book made me realize that. We as humans can barely go on under continuous baseless criticism, while BTS did (constantly) and still went on making music. I love them and admire their tolerance level very much. For example, I would’ve either punched every hater and cyber bully I could find in the face or thrown my shoes at them I’m not even kidding right now, but they didn’t, and they never quit, and as Armys, in whatever we’re doing, shouldn’t either! Let’s find a part of our strength from their story.

After reading about their internal struggles, I feel so much closer to them, as if they’re my best friends (which they are), you’d think Jimin is a very shy guy but he spoke the most in the book spilling all their secrets telling us about their hearts and minds, including the infamous dumpling incident.

I also noticed how my mental space and thoughts are very similar to Yoongi’s, we have the same level of anxiety behind everything, I wish to learn psychology as he has too… I just hope I find the mental peace he’s found in life someday as well.

Whether you’re a BTS army or not, reading this book will make you fall in love with them, so read with caution! (insert evil laugh here) I feel like even if I wasn’t insanely in love with BTS and Crazy ‘bout Joon I still would’ve listened to their songs regularly because every single one of them is so good, they would never put out something that’s not good, you can trust them on that.

P.S. I just know I can never interview Kim Namjoon (also known as RM of BTS) as the author of this book had, I’d always interject with newer questions between his answers and go awwwww and aaaaaaahhh and wooooowww at every little thing he says, not only that I’d probably have to tell him to repeat his sentence many times because I’d get lost in his beautiful dragon eyes.

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