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Book Review for: It Starts with Us by Colleen Hoover

A little later than all my friends, I finally read ‘It Starts with Us’ and loved every bit of it.

God…. Coho writes about the concept of love and falling in love and being in love forever so…. marvelously. She can give hopes of love to someone who’s never been loved and I think that’s beautiful.

One might think I’m over-exaggerating but sometimes I feel like if there was a doctorate’s degree on love, she’d have it. Too bad there’s no such thing as that.

I know many considered the second book as unimportant, but to me the sequel to ‘It Ends with Us’ was sooooooooo important. This book was so important for every person who ever read and loved Atlas Corrigan. So I’m glad we convinced the author to write an extensive sequel exclusively for us - which was released on my birthday by the way, so it was like a gift to me.

I didn’t reread the first book before I started reading this, so even though I found letters from the previous book in between many chapters, I needed them in order to remember everything that went down in the first book, so they didn’t bother me at all. This book gets a 5 star from me.

Love it lots.

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