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Book Review for: The Sisters of Straygarden Place by Hayley Chewins

The Sister of Straygarden Place was such an amazing and magical story to read. It was about three sisters living in a palace where everything was done for them by the house itself – magically. From cooking delightful dishes for the girls to dressing them up in the most stunning dresses, the house did it all, plus it cleaned the house and did the dishes for them too. It would’ve been the perfect house to get into during this quarantine, am I right?

However, there’s a twist. You must give something up in order to live in this house, something that you always needed. The house will steal something vital from you in exchange of its services, and it’s their choice of what they get to keep. They can take away your sleep, your scene of taste, your peace, your sunlight, your ANYTHING, and you can’t get out of the house. So the story revolves on solving the missing parents of the sisters and how things take a tough turn when the oldest sister Winnow grows mysteriously ill.

This book was fun to read, and as it’s a middle grade book, I never expected to go through such an emotional roller coaster while reading it. The book, in a way, taught us that patience and courage can overcome all hardships if we gave it a shot.

I was hoping for a deeper connection and trustworthiness between the three sisters though, which I couldn’t find until later. But that matter did not bother me once the story began turning mysterious and I got introduced to many interesting characters on the way – like Tutto, a hippopotamus who TALKS and lives in a library and reads out stories to you, and Droomhunds who are cute little doggies who help the sleep deprived sisters sleep at night and stay with them all the time, entertaining them and loving them unconditionally.

A very peculiar and imaginative story that I’m sure middle graders would love. 3/5 stars.

People are like stories if you give them enough time to reveal themselves.”

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