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Book Review for: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fxxk

It took me a while to write this review because I wasn’t being able to compile my thoughts into a single paragraph for ‘The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fxxk’.

It’s a self help book I read 10 days ago, and honestly it has made me look at life as a whole rather differently, it speaks to you as if he’s your friend and he’s literally slapping you at the back of your head to make you understand the concept of how this world works. It spoke about so many everyday problems that we tend to ignore, it’s a book that gave me a sense of clarity, and sometimes that feels like more than enough.

A book that I think one should read after they hit their 20’s - a book that clears your head out for you, sets your priorities straight.

I want to give it 5 stars because even though self help books aren’t my thing and I’d rather eat salt water than read them, the author wrote it in a way that simplified things, and what I loved the most in this book – yes; even more than the advices - were the stories he gave as examples before basing a point (me being a true sucker for fiction after all)

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