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Whose fault was it that Devdas and Paro didn’t end up together?

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Most of my Asian friends might have seen the movie Devdas starring Shah Rukh Khan, Ashwariya Rai, Madhuri Dixit and a few others.

It’s a story depicted from Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay’s novel Devdas, a heart breaking story of a forever love lost amidst society’s excessively high standards and arrogance, a story on regrets and sadness written in 1917 - in a completely different world than our own.

But did we ever think it through about whose fault it actually was that Devdas and Paro couldn’t end up together? Well, today we will.

First off if you’ve seen the movie you must have seen how arrogant Devdas aka Dev was about everything, including his wealth and heart melting good looks. However handsome he might have been, he was psychotic too, I mean; who hits their lover with a necklace for being too egoistic about her beauty?

Secondly, Paro aka Parvati foolishly fell in love with the only guy friend she ever had and ridiculously waited for him for 10 years dreaming sweet nothings about him every day, even though Devdas didn’t exactly plan for any commitments.

How smart.

Not only that, her own mother wished them to get married even though her husband constantly insisted her not to do so as they weren’t from the same cast.

I must not forget to mention the mother of Paro played by Kirron Kher as Sumitra, she did the right thing from the beginning till the end, apart from the part where she got her daughter married to a much older man with kids of Paro’s age.

The promise she made out of sadness after Dev’s mother insulted her for belonging to a lower cast and telling her that she should never even dream of getting her daughter married to Devdas, it was apparent and sooooo normal for Sumitra to go mad and make a promise to get her own daughter married to someone richer and more respected than them in a week’s time. Right?


What Devdas’ mother did was definitely not right, but what happened to her afterwards was unfortunate. But now the question still remains, whose fault was it that Devdas and Paro didn’t end up together?

I’ll tell you from my point of view. Devdas had plenty of time to take Paro and get married to her and he didn’t look like he liked his father enough to wait for his permission, but he didn’t. He argued with his father and left the house but did not take Paro with her.

And 2 days later he sent her a letter saying that they should just forget each other. And few days later he had a realization that he did a mistake by sending the letter to her and that he actually loved her in the exact same day when she was getting married. So toxic. He actually expected Paro to demean her parents and go with him when he foolishly left her like she meant nothing to him.

NO, she won’t. And she didn’t.

Lastly, I believe if Devdas hadn’t been so ignorant they would’ve ended up together. But upon asking a few gentlemen, they believed that it was in fact the fault of Paro that they didn’t end up together because she rejected him when he came back, and some said that it was actually Paro’s mother Sumitra’s fault for making foolish promises.

This whole article would sound so confusing if you haven’t watched the movie yet, so try watching the movie Devdas, you might find it outrageously historically incorrect but it’ll definitely be fun. Or ohhhh, you can read the book!

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frost flower
frost flower
Nov 25, 2023

Honestly, I don't understand why Paro and Chandramukhi loved a man like Devdas who was nothing but a dumb egoistic man. Also that dialogue of Chandramukhi where she says, "Mai to bas unki puja karti hun." I cringed so hard on that. The hell girl that man has degraded you since the first moment he saw you and you love him? It's good only that Paro didn't end up with him. This was the only sad ending movie whose ending was so satisfying to me.


Mar 26, 2023

I honestly love your writing, the absolute clarity and confidence. Something that never comes easily for the best of us.

but I don't really agree with the content partially because I don't really support the narrative of applying the modern outlook to timeless classics, as an adult living in 2023 I'd say Dev belongs to the streets.

however, as someone who grew up reading literature, I can't help but feel bad for this star-crossed couple and think, just how many else were there? with nothing but love to hold onto? The theatrical poster clearly conveys what the writer was thinking.

Paro looks at the audience, showing she chose society. Chandramukhi is in the shadows with a slight fall of the…

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