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Why You Should Visit Mohammed Bin Rashid Library - The Largest Library in the Arab World

With bookshelves that stretch for miles, this library is every book lover’s dream.

The pen drop silence upon entering the enormous structure that’s shaped as a big fat book mesmerized me, so much that my talkative self had to keep quiet to let the calmness sink in. That doesn’t necessarily mean I didn’t mentally squeak the whole time while seeing my favorite bestsellers lined up in those bookshelves.

The deeper you walk into the library, the creeper it gets (creepy in an interesting sort of way), and if you love clicking aesthetic pictures, or if you’re someone who likes some peace and quiet while reading, you’ll be so happy to be there.

Although everything was amazing at MBR Library, the thing I loved the most there (yes, even more than the books) was their historic museum.

The museum was so interesting; I got to learn so much about history just within an hour. If you’ve ever been a fan of the Turkish drama Sultan Sulaiman (muhteşem yüzyıl) like me, then this museum would be extra fun to look through, as they had a lot of books and items from the Ottoman Empire too. They were not only educational but exciting too.

And oh-my-god my favorite part: they had the first edition of Pride and Prejudice right there, and David Copperfield, Tales of Shakespeare’s too - all of which I had read as a teen. I really had the urge to pick them up and read through their pages, feel the history within the tips of my fingers. My heart felt full by simply looking at them.

In case you’re wondering if the trip to MBR Library is worth it, I’ll have you know it most definitely is!

Before you visit, make sure to book your entry tickets for the Library and the museum individually (both of which are free) from HERE.

You’ll also get all the information about how you can lend a book or register from the ther MBR Library's official website HERE.

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