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Book Review for: Claude Monet’s book of Arts by Natalia Brodskaia

I invested my time into reading about something I never [not even once in my life] read about before - which is ART. Did I have fun? Read the whole review to find out.

First off I’d like to point out how there’s not a single painting by Claude Monet that I didn't like. All of them are such perfections. The incredible display of sunlight in [Haystacks at Giverny in Muted Sunlight - 1889] the fifth picture sent a sweet, calming vibe to my heart.

Now, about the painter himself. Because Monet wasn’t a psychopath, his life events weren’t really that interesting to read through. But this book helped me to know the basics about the art world [even though there’s still so much left to learn] This book was a good step into it. My interest in art is at its all time peak, so I’m trying to consume as many art books as I can while it lasts.

See below my favorite paintings by Claude Monet.

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