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Who am I? No seriously, who am I?

Who am I? No seriously, who am I?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, and I still couldn’t find a definite answer because every time I look at myself closely I realize I’m never the same person to everyone who’s in my life, I have a different personality set for each and every one of them.

- I’m an overexcited friend who loves talking nonstop and hugs,

- but a super chilled out; sarcastic little girl with my family,

- but then there are friends whom I treat like precious angels, followed by friends whose legs I pull and annoy as if they’re my sister (love of both is no less than the other)

- and a smug writer who loves thinking of her characters as a parallel version of herself and make them be everything she’s not

- a quiet listener when told real life stories

- an annoyed angry woman at office who gets internally pissed every time anyone asks for money (which by the way is my work to provide as someone working in finance)

- A crazy fangirl who has zero chills.

But one side never gets to see the other, so then, who am I?

Thinking (while scrolling through the internet) gave me a slightly satisfactory answer. Everyone hasn’t seen every part of me because I’m not one person, I have multiple doors of myself which everyone in my life has a key of, and maybe in a way that’ll make you feel happy to know that the key you hold to my heart does not belong to anyone else? I don’t really know myself yet, but I hope you love me none the less for whichever side my subconscious mind chooses to show you.

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